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2013 Morehouse USA Elite Fencing Shoes


Introducing the All New Morehouse USA Elite Fencing Shoes,  (New AF fencing shoe incorporating improved materials and design for enhanced performance and comfort)

All new one-piece sole design for improved grip on fencing floor surfaces

·         Integral anti-roll feature designed into the fore-sole

·         Large toe box for comfort

·         Increased ventilation due to the extensive use of perspiration-wicking mesh

·         Wrap-around sole and heel bumper eliminates glue joints

·         Increased heel protection due to the wrap-around heel with more cushioning

·         Rubber reinforced leather protection for the side of the foot

·         Increased mid-sole cushioning to minimize shock to the foot and ankle

·         Removable inner sole


Please Note: All shoes sizes are only available in US Men's Sizing



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