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AF Adv  CE 350 N Foil Mask w Inox Bib

AF Adv. CE 350 N Foil Mask w/Inox Bib


This mask complies w/ current requirements for the Foil Mask.  This mask is CE certified.

To Size for this Mask: You want to measure around the head / face, starting underneath the chin (make sure the soft ruler/yarn is positioned closer to the neck), up one side of the head just through one ear, over the top of the head, and down the other side just through the other ear, and then ending at the chin to make a complete circle.

Please Note: Use a soft ruler, or a piece of string or yarn to measure afterwards. Make sure to keep what you are using to measure SNUG on your fencer's head/face.

Also Note: Our masks are slightly adjustable! If you receive your mask and are unsure of the fit, ask your coach to assist in adjusting it before you get a larger or smaller size!

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