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Modern Saber Fencing Book

Modern Saber Fencing Book


"This book will be extremely useful in fencing training and should attract the interest of the fencing community throughout the English-speaking world -- and beyond. [It is] a valuable training manual and an updated report on the newest diagnostic techniques. ... One of the strongest features is the plethora of photographs illustrating the most important technical actions used in modern saber fencing ... high quality illustrations [and] the professionally made footage on the accompanying DVD." --From the introduction by Edward Korfanty, U.S. Olympic Coach. It's been over 50 years since the last English-language book devoted to saber -- Women just didn't fence saber back then -- Four judges and a referee judged the bouts by eye -- Medals were a European monopoly That was then. This is now. Saber has been revolutionized ... And this book teaches the new saber! At the 2008 Beijing Olympics: the U.S. women swept the individual saber medals and took bronze as a team; Zhong Man of China took the men's gold medal; the U.S. men took team silver. The fencing was not just electronically scored the referees watched the slow-motion video replay to decide close calls. The world of saber has changed, and it needs this book! Now, for the first time, Zbigniew Borysiuk -- a successful fencer, top-level coach, and outstanding sports scientist -- has written a book on saber fencing that --explains and teaches the new saber from the ground up, -- illustrates the new techniques with over 75 photo illustrations, plus a DVD -- shows the technical and tactical adjustments that have ransformed classical saber -- explains how to train for the new saber -- presents the scientific research that underlies the latest training methods -- explains how to identify fencing talent and monitor progress and -- understand perception and reaction in fencing.

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