AF FIE Certified High Raise Final Strip  20 meter X 3 5 meter

AF FIE Certified High Raise Final Strip (20 meter X 3.5 meter)


State of art Top quality Final Strip. Comes with FIE certification nubmer. This model is designed for large Internatioanl events only. The Raised up stage is 0.5 m high, top surface covers 20 m X 3.5 m of aluminum metal, wih a 18 Meter X 2 Meter FIE Strip build in.  Each end comes with a two meter long ramp. (There will be no logo on the ramp, you can use that surface for any logo, or advertisement. (Assembly is required)

Please note: This is special order item, 2 ~ 3 month is required for delivery. You may custom request the color zone on the strip. Price do not including delivery fee. Please contact us for details.