AF HEMA Black Washable Leather Jacket  S   XXXL

AF HEMA Black Washable Leather Jacket (S ~ XXXL)


The specially made washable Leather Jacket is designed for HEMA players. It has an elastic back panel for flexibility and comfort. Shoulder, forearm, flank and other areas are reimforced with extra padding for additional protection. A optional velco belt is included for a better fit. This is probably the best jacket available for HEMA players. Back Zipper. Available in black color only, size S ~ XXXL.

Sizing Help:

Measure your chest size in inch and add 6 inch to get your Leather jacket size.

size 38 -40  S

size 42  M

size 44  L

size 46- 48 XL

size 50-52 XXL

Size over than 52 XXXL

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