NEPS  New Epee Point Screws

NEPS: New Epee Point Screws


The popular NEPS screw - now able to be magnetized!

The screw material has been changed from austenitic steel (stainless, non magnetizable, easy to shape) to martensitic steel ( stainless, magnetizable, not so easy to shape). There has been a long way to achieve the desired results without losing the features the original screw version had.

Already used in World Cup competitions. This new epee screw design has proven its functional compatibility with the standard screws in high competition. NEPS life time is several times (5x) the current standard design screw. - Can be screwed into tip from either end = better usability - Clearing hole for alignment guidance. - Headless slotted screw configuration. - Steel collar prevents overscrewing and improves grip against the tip’s body. - Sold in packs of 10 This screw can be driven with a standard 2mm at head, but it is advisable to use a special NEPS screwdriver.