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Allstar Stamped BF White FIE Mar  Foil Blade wired w German Poin

Allstar Stamped BF White FIE Mar. Foil Blade wired w/German Poin


Allstar BF wired FIE Foil blade comes with German point only . Please specify whether you prefer French or pistol cut when purchase the blade. BF made, excellent finish, great in balance and point control. In general, BF FIE foil blades are more stiffer compare with others, and heavier than Chevalier, Gold STM and STM Color. These blades are the exact same as AF stamped blades, just with the Uhlmann logo instead of the Absolute logo.

Please note: There is no guarantee on the lifespan of blades due to the competitive nature of this sport and variences in the way each person fences.

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