Saber Fencing for Kids  That Every Parent Must Read Fencing Book

Saber Fencing for Kids: That Every Parent Must Read Fencing Book


Old books described fencing as a combat skill where your life depended on it. It was necessary to defeat your enemies and protect yourself on the battlefield. They described attacks with sharp point of the blade and the cutting edges, it talked about honor, and bravery and physical fitness necessary to dodge attacks and swing the weapon.

Since then fencing has become a sport primarily concerned with physical fitness and educational aspects. Fencing develops strength, endurance, agility it also develops personal qualities like determination, courage, self-control, perseverance, the will to win, and like no other sport it fosters proactive quick thinking.

This book provide insights into saber fencing techniques, strategies, training tips and tournament preparation for beginner, intermediate fencers and their parents.