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Point Master


PointMaster is two free-swinging golf balls suspended by chain to provide an always-changing moving target to challenge your tracking abilities and eye-hand timing. Your opponents will rarely provide you a stationary target - so why train that way? Work with a small, moving target and you will reap the benefits of hitting what you want, when you want in that next fencing bout.


PointMaster training tools are simply made and simple to set up. Just find a place where you can hook a small chain or s-hook.


You'll find regular, consistent practice daily will sharply improve your point-control AND increase your confidence to hit a small, moving target. Because no one's hand is smaller than a golf ball - if you can hit THAT, you can hit almost anything!


PointMaster uses RECYCLED golf balls so you can feel happy knowing you are using a somewhat ‘green’ training system!