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Please note: Warehouse deals are 50% - 70% off. Items are sold as is and may have some cosmetic blemishes such as spots, or minor fading, ETC. Absolutely no return and exchange.
Warehouse Deals  Stainless Steel Men s Sabre Lame

Warehouse Deals: Stainless Steel Men's Sabre Lame

$169.00 $84.50

Product may have blemishes and/or small defects.  There are no exchanges or returns. No additional discount available on this product  Please order accordingly.  This lame is darker than shown in picture.

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34 R/H$84.507
52 R/H$84.502
54 R/H$84.501
58 R/H$84.503
60 R/H$84.503
32 L/H$84.501
34 L/H$84.505
36 L/H$84.507
38 L/H$84.506
46 L/H$84.501
48 L/H$84.504
50 L/H$84.505
54 L/H$84.506
56 L/H$84.501
58 L/H$84.503
60 L/H$84.503

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