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AF Elite Stretch 2020 350N Girl s Jacket

AF Elite Stretch 2020 350N Girl's Jacket


Introducing the 2020 AF Elite Stretch CE350N uniform! Using its time-tested design, this new AF jacket utilizes an all new, comfortable, single-layer fabric which provides more than 400 Newtons of protection to maximize comfort and flexibility.  For added protection on the armed side, there is an additional layer of fabric.


Please note, this is sized for Boys/children which runs shorter than the Men's/Adult version.

For Children: The best option is to measure around the chest and add 4 inches.  Please see sizing help in the customer service section of our website, we have included a chart to help clarify the sizing. 

If you come to an odd number, since we only have even sizes, always round up.

For Example: Your fencer has a 33 inch chest measurement. Add 4 inches, and you get 37... which mean's you'll need Size 38 for one of these jackets, since they only come in even sizes.

Please be aware, these are sized for kids so they are shorter than the Adult/Women's version.


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