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Inspiration Point SM-01


All new scoring machine from Inspiration Point. FIE Certified, great practice machine for clubs and schools. The machines we have in stock are silver/grey. We can order the black framed machine if you would prefer that.

  • All the three kinds of weapon: foil/saber/epee

  • Visual and audible signal, strip connection

  • Strip connection

  • FIE homologated (into SM-03 and SM-TOP)

  • Bright leds

  • Loud buzzer (possible to switch off)

  • Compact anodized aluminum case and unique design

  • Tripod socket

  • Compact, easy carry on

  • Fast to install, easy to use

  • Software update from PC, no need to replace components

  • Absolute safety - the contours of the fighters isolated from the power circuits