Uhlmann Stamped BF White FIE Mar  Foil w   French Grip

Uhlmann Stamped BF White FIE Mar. Foil w/: French Grip


This BF FIE Foil comes with Absolute standard parts and French grip. Your choice of 2-prong or Bayonet socket. Many upgrade options are available. Please see options for detail. For additional information for the blade of this weapon, please refer to the FIE Foil Blade section. (Absolute Fencing does not guarantee the life span of this blade)

Please note: There is no guarantee on the lifespan of blades due to the competitive nature of this sport and variences in the way each person fences.


  • FIE Rules: (body wire with bayonet connection), Will not be accepted during equipment controls at FIE competitions. (You can still use Bayonet in domestic competitions)

 Unless specified in comments all weapons will come uncanted.

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