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Warehouse Deals  Uhlmann Electric Sabre Glove

Warehouse Deals! Uhlmann Electric Sabre Glove

$55.00 $39.00

Please note, this is not a FIE model, and can not be used in USA Fencing competitions.Great for Practice!  No Exchanges or returns

Made in Germany.


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Left Hand 6.5$39.0019
Left Hand 7$39.0019
Left Hand 7.5$39.0020
Left Hand 8$39.0022
Left Hand 8.5$39.0021
Left Hand 9$39.0019
Left Hand 9.5$39.0017
Left Hand 10$39.0019
Left Hand 10.5$39.0020
Left Hand 11$39.0020
Left Hand 11.5$39.0010
Right Hand 6.5$39.0018
Right Hand 7$39.002
Right Hand 7.5$39.004
Right Hand 8$39.001
Right Hand 8.5$39.004
Right Hand 10$39.0020
Right Hand 10.5$39.0031
Right Hand 11$39.0019
Right Hand 11.5$39.008

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