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AF Unisex Jacket  Padded  Back-Zip

AF Unisex Jacket: Padded (Back-Zip)


This Unisex Jacket is typically used for younger or timid fencers, due to the increase in it's protection, but slight restriction on movement and a larger target area than other jackets.  New improvements such as YKK zippers and detailed sewing in addition to the material change, have drastically improved the quality of these jackets, and make them great for beginners.

To size for this jacket:

For Men: Take a chest measurement all the way around, just under the armpits around the widest part of your chest at the shoulder blades.

For Women: Use regular bra size.

Add 6 inches to the chest size and this will give you your jacket size. If you come to an odd number, since we only have even sizes, always round up.

For Example: Your fencer has a 33 inch chest measurement. Add 6 inches, and you get 39... which mean's you'll need Size 40 for one of these jackets, since they only come in even sizes.

Tall Sizes: Tall size jackets are 3" longer in the sleeves and 2" longre in the torso.


For Children: Please see sizing help in the customer service section of our website, we have included a chart to help clarify the sizing

Do you need sizing help?
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