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Standard 6-Piece Elec  Sabre Set

Standard 6-Piece Elec. Sabre Set


This standard 6-piece electrical sabre set includes the following items:

  • AF Electric Sabre Mask
  • AF Sabre Cuff
  • AF Front-Zip Sabre Lame
  • AF Mask Cord (spring or straight)
  • AF Standard Sabre Bodycord (2-prong or bayonet)
  • AF Standard Electric Sabre


Please Note: While this set is great if you are beginning to fence electrically, all USA Fencing competitions require a minimum of two weapons, two bodycords, and two mask cords for each fencer. If you will be competing it's recommended you check out our competition sets here.


Please Note:  USA Fencing Competitions require a FIE glove for Sabre.  You can still use the cuff, but it has to be over a FIE rated Sabre Glove.


For electric fencing, all women are required to wear some sort of plastic chest protector as a safety precaution. For men this is optional. Both can be found here.

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Absolute Electric Sabre Mask:
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