Standard 6-Piece Elec  Sabre Set

Standard 6-Piece Elec. Sabre Set


This standard 6-piece electrical sabre set includes the following items:

  • AF Electric Sabre Mask
  • AF Sabre Cuff
  • AF Front-Zip Sabre Lame
  • AF Mask Cord (spring or straight)
  • AF Standard Sabre Bodycord (2-prong or bayonet)
  • AF Standard Electric Sabre


Please Note: While this set is great if you are beginning to fence electrically, all USA Fencing competitions require a minimum of two weapons, two bodycords, and two mask cords for each fencer. If you will be competing it's recommended you check out our competition sets here.


For electric fencing, all women are required to wear some sort of plastic chest protector as a safety precaution. For men this is optional. Both can be found here.

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