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AF Unisex Pants  Cotton

AF Unisex Pants: Cotton


These knickers are Unisex and 100% Cotton so they breathe and they're soft! They also have a second lining for maximum comfort and leg protection, include stretch panels on the sides to reduce limitation on the fencer's movements, and suspenders to help keep the knickers right up where you want them.

The only downside to this uniform is because it's mostly Cotton, it will shrink a bit when you wash it, mostly in length, and there is no putting these in the dryer!

To size for these knickers: Take your fencers waist measurement between their hips and belly button. Add one size (2 inches) to your waist measurement to determine the size knickers needed. Since all uniforms come in even sizes only, if you get an odd number of inches, always go up.

I.e. Your fencer has a 31 inch waist measurement , add 2 inches and you come to 33, so your fencer will need a size 34 Cotton Knickers.

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