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AF Male Jacket  350N Comfort

AF Male Jacket: 350N Comfort


CE Certified with Level 1 protection. These front-zip jackets are made of a (65%) Polyester / (35%) Cotton blend that offers much better quality and protection (350N) than the Cotton jackets.

It's smooth, comfortable, and has a stretch panel in the back, includes recent improvements such as the YYK Zipper and detailed sewing and is suitable for all competitions in the USA.

To size for this jacket: Take a chest measurement all the way around, just under the armpits. Add 6 inches, and this will give you your jacket size. If you come to an odd number, since we only have even sizes, always round up.

For Example: Your fencer has a 33 inch chest measurement. Add 6 inches, and you get 39... which mean's you'll need Size 40 for one of these jackets, since they only come in even sizes.

For Tall Sizes: Tall sizes are unnessesary and will be too large for you unless you have a 30 inch chest and are taller than 5'8" or have a 36 inch chest and are taller than 6 ft.

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