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AF Female Jacket  350N Comfort

AF Female Jacket: 350N Comfort


CE Certified with Level 1 Protection. These front-zip jackets are made of a (65%) Polyester / (35%) Cotton blend that offers much better quality and protection (350N) than the Cotton jackets. The Women's jackets also have inside pockets for your breast protectors if you have the pair instead of the chest plate.

It's smooth, comfortable, and has a stretch panel in the back, and includes recent improvements such as the YYK Zipper and detailed sewing and is suitable for all competitions in the USA.

To size for this jacket: Take a chest measurement all the way around, just under the armpits. Add 6 inches, and this will give you your jacket size. If you come to an odd number, since we only have even sizes, always round up.

For Example: Your fencer has a 33 inch chest measurement. Add 6 inches, and you get 39... which mean's you'll need Size 40 for one of these jackets, since they only come in even sizes.

For Tall Sizes: Tall sizes are unnessesary and will be too large for you unless you have a 30 inch chest and are taller than 5'8" or have a 36 inch chest and are taller than 6 ft.

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