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AF Unisex Pants  350N Comfort

AF Unisex Pants: 350N Comfort


CE Certified with Level 1 Protection. They're made out of a (65%) Polyester / (35%) Cotton blend that offers much better quality and protection (350N) than the Cotton knickers.

It's smooth, comfortable, has stretch panels on the sides to reduce limitation on the fencer's movements, suspenders to help keep the knickers right up where you want them, and has an inside lining for ideal comfort and leg protection. These knickers are suitable for all competitions in the USA, and are Unisex.

To size for these knickers: Take your fencers waist measurement between their hips and belly button. The number of inches will determine the size of your knickers. Since all uniforms come in even sizes only, if you get an odd number of inches, always round up.

For Example: Your fencer has a 31 inch waist measurement -- Which would mean they'd need a Size 32 for these pants.

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