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Competition FIE 5-Piece Foil Set

Competition FIE 5-Piece Foil Set


This new FIE electric 5-piece foil set includes the following items:

  • AF Signature Series II Front-Zip Foil Lame (Inox)
  • x2 AF Transparent Foil Bodycords (2-prong or bayonet)
  • x2 AF FIE Maraging Electric Foils (with choice of grip & point)


Please Note: For electrical fencing, all women are required to wear some sort of plastic chest protector as a safety precaution. For men this is optional. Both can be found here.


  • FIE Rules:  A "body wire with bayonet connection" will not be accepted during equipment controls at FIE competitions. You may still use bayonet connections in domestic (U.S.) competitions.

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L/R Hand:
2x AF Adv Bodycords:
2x AF Ultra FIE Maraging E. Foil:
AF Signature Series II Foil lame: