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AF FIE Mask: 2019 Epee


We've redesigned our FIE Masks!  We pared down the mask to the essentials to lighten it and make it more comfortable to wear while still maintaining the high quality materials that our customers demand. 

Our new FIE masks have:

  • A more comfortable bib
  • A newly designed and more rigid cage
  • The 2018 FIE straps that will secure the mask firmly to your face
  • With all of these improvements a mask that is still 20% lighter than our previous model. 

We're extremely proud of this new mask and know you'll be satisified with it!


To Size for this Mask: Starting from underneath the chin, go to the side of the head, over one ear, over the top of the head, back down the other ear, and back to under the chin to make a complete circle. (Essentially you're measuring the circumfrence of the part of your face that the mask will be encircling.)   Use a soft ruler or yarn to measure, and make sure to keep it snug or else you'll find up with a mask that's too large.


Also Note: Your masks are slightly adjustable! If you receive your mask and are unsure if it fits, please ask your coach or an experienced team mate to help you adjust your mask before exchanging it for an alternate size.  Most fencers will fit a small or medium mask!

Do you need sizing help?
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