Clearance  Lame  AF Signature Series Sabre Lame for Men

Clearance! Lame: AF Signature Series Sabre Lame for Men


Continuing the Signature Series line is the AF Signature Series Lame!
Made from a premium INOX material, this is the finest lame we've ever offered! Other Premium lames advertise their material is 25% or 40% metal and that's by weight but our material is 50% metal by thread count! 

Now on clearance! We need room in our warehouse for the new line of Signature Series Lames so we're marking our current model down.  Unfortunately since they are on clearance we can no longer give our guarantee and we cannot refund or exchange them

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R/H 32$169.007
R/H 58$169.003
R/H 60$169.002
R/H 38$169.004
L/H 32$169.001
L/H 34$169.004
L/H 36$169.006
L/H 48$169.002
L/H 50$184.904

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