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Please note: Warehouse deals are 50% - 70% off. Items are sold as is and may have some cosmetic blemishes such as spots, or minor fading, ETC. Absolutely no return and exchange.
Warehouse Deals  Allstar Startex FIE Jacket for Women Previous M

Warehouse Deals! Allstar Startex FIE Jacket for Women Previous M

$365.00 $255.50

These Jackets and pants are the old model of the Allstar  FIE material.  While Allstar is no longer using this material it is still a fine set and leagal for all international comeptition.  Please note that all clearance items are final sale and that these garments are European sized so please order accordingly.

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R/H 36$255.505
R/H 34$255.503
R/H 42$255.501
R/H 44$255.504
R/H 46$255.507
R/H 48$255.502
L/H 34$255.503
L/H 36$255.503
L/H 38$255.502
L/H 40$255.504
L/H 42$255.504
L/H 44$255.503
L/H 46$255.502
L/H 48$255.501

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