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AF Adv. Sabre Mask w/ Removable Lining (Signature Series) (New


Newly Updated to the same strap system as required for the FIE regulated masks.  Extremely secure and safe!

Our Signature Series, Level 1 (350N) Certified Electric Sabre mask is suitable for all competitions within the US. Made from premium INOX material, this is the finest Non-FIE mask we've ever offered! Other premium lame material is advertised that its material is composed of 25%-40% metal and that's by weight, but our lame material on these masks are 50% metal by thread count!  This mask also includes a removable inside lining that can be velcroed out, washed, and/or replaced if it ever wears out.

To Size for this Mask: Starting from underneath the chin, go to the side of the head, over one ear, over the top of the head, back down the other ear, and back to under the chin to make a complete circle. (Essentially you're measuring the circumfrence of the part of your face that the mask will be encircling.)   Use a soft ruler or yarn to measure, and make sure to keep it snug or else you'll find up with a mask that's too large.


Also Note: Your masks are slightly adjustable! If you receive your mask and are unsure if it fits, please ask your coach or an experienced team mate to help you adjust your mask before exchanging it for an alternate size.  Most fencers will fit a small or medium mask!



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