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Deluxe Electric 10-Piece Foil Set

Deluxe Electric 10-Piece Foil Set


This deluxe electric 10-piece foil set includes the following items:

  • AF Removable Foil Mask w/ Electric Inox Bib
  • AF 2020 Elite Stretch (350N) Underarm Protector
  • AF 2020 Elite Stretch (350N) Front-Zip Jacket
  • AF Front-Zip Foil Lame
  • AF Comfort 3-Weapon Glove
  • AF 2020 Elite Stretch (350N) Pants
  • AF Advanced Gold E. Foil (with choice of grip & point)
  • AF Dura Clear Bodycords
  • AF Advanced Bag (holds a few weapons & entire uniform)
  • AF World Cup Mask Cord

There is also an option select a plastic chest protector, if needed.


Please Note: For electric fencing, all women are required to wear a plastic chest protector as a safety precaution. For men this is optional. Both can be found here.


Why go Deluxe? Our Deluxe sets have EVERYTHING you need to start fencing electrically! Featuring our 350N 2020 Elite Strech material, these uniforms do not shrink (unlike their cotton counterparts in other sets) and the 350N rating offers significantly more protection than regular cotton. The masks have a removable interior lining for easy cleaning, the bodycords are our higher-quality model, and all of the equipment is generally more durable.


We are offering the option to add the AF removable foil mask with the conductive bib. This mask comes with a mask cord and is required for some national events.

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