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Virtual Scoring Machine: Includes VSM Software and USB Connector

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This does not include the remote control.

Turn your PC or laptop into a state-of-the-art three-weapon fencing scoring machine.

Compliant with all current FIE rules.
All three weapons.
All the features of any other scoring machine.
Integrated Scoring and Clock.
User configurable.
Advanced Features not found anywhere else.
Can be updated from home via a website download.
Many types of remotes can be used.
Scalable to any size display.
Backwards compatible to Windows 98SE and above
Can be run on almost any laptop/desktop/netbook PC
with an available USB port.
Oh yeah, and quite affordable for any school, club, or

ANY club, school, or individual can afford Olympic
caliber scoring for about the price of a decent weapon.
Use any size display, from portable Netbook, to a big
screen TV or monitor. Picture your gold-metal match
on a wall-sized projector.
You have complete control over the many training
options and advanced features available.

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