Light Fencing

Absolute Fencing Gear is proud to be your one-stop shopping destination for the exciting new sport of light fencing (also known as LED fencing or LED sabre). This up-and-coming competitive sport is gaining popularity in fencing and other martial-arts clubs and academies, and we’ve got what you need to get started individually or to run classes!

Absolute’s HEMA gear is perfectly suited for light fencing wear, including the jackets, gloves, masks, shin protectors, and more. And we’ve partnered with Ki Sabers, one of the leading-edge manufacturers of light fencing weapons, to provide weapons that are rugged, exciting, and competition ready. Get all the gear, priced right, here at Absolute Fencing.

Our gear is approved by Terra Prime Light Armory, which is a great information resource for light fencing. Check out their Facebook page here to help you get started

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