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This new safety sports mask is specifically designed to be worn while exercising and competing in sports activities. Made of "Ice Silk," it is constructed of an exceptionally soft and smooth synthetic silk optimized for contact with human skin. The fabric is cool, breathable, hypo-allergenic, antistatic, and moisture-wicking.

Easy to put on and take off, this mask is fashioned for optimal stability on the face during vigorous athletic performance. It is uniquely suited to fencing as it extends to the neck as well as covering the lower face. It is much less likely to shift or fall off your face while working out, on- or off-the-strip. The fuller design also makes the mask more comfortable, easy on the ears, and easily paired with a fencing mask.

The nose bridge can be adjusted for comfort and directional air flow. The shape provides optimal air circulation and easy breathing yet full protection even while engaged in a fencing match. If you wear glasses, the adjustable bridge also helps minimize fogging. It includes a removable/disposable carbon filter.

Th Absolute Safety Sports Mask is washable and durably designed for long-term, repeated use. With normal use, and if used, the carbon filter should be replaced every 5 - 7 days. Additional packages of replacement carbon filters are available for purchase.

This mask comes with three sizes: The small size is recommended for youth fencers; medium is recommended for most female fencers and teenagers; and large is designed for most male adults and fencers who in general might be more comfortable in a larger mask..


Confirmed by USA Fencing to meet the requirements of the USA Fencing Mask Mandate.  Can be used at any sanctioned competition as long as the filter is being used.

Please note: This sports mask is not designed for medical use.

If the mask is sliding down, you can tie the ear loops and it will make it a bit tighter and should help to stay up. 

For sanitary reasons, we cannot accept returns or exchanges for these items once they are opened.

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