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Smart Text Box (Mobile App)

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STB  is a portable device used for testing personal fencing equipment.

It is based on an innovative concept for ordering, performing and displaying electrical test results. The values ​​of the measured parameters (resistance and electrical continuity) are similar to those imposed by the International Fencing Federation in the operation of signaling units used in competitions.

The innovative concept allows any fencer, with or without technical knowledge, to test their personal equipment (weapon, body wire, mask wire, metallic vest, mask or electric glove) obtaining very precise results from a technical point of view. Testing orders, displaying and interpreting them are done using the personal mobile phone. Interpreting the results helps the fencer to properly evaluate the condition of the equipment from a technical point of view, being able to carry out the necessary repairs.


Please note:  That once the device is paired with a phone, we are unable to accept returns since the activation code for the app is only able to be used once per box. 

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